Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading

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AlphaGrow is an algorithmic trading firm specialized in cryptocurrencies dedicated to help you grow your portfolio while boosting your trading revenues.

Our team applies cutting-edge methods from mathematics, machine learning and software engineering to trade on cryptocurrencies following a unique data-driven decision-making process.

We rely on experienced risk managers who carefully supervise our fully automated trading system, which is hosted on a robust cloud infrastructure.

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  • 3-min lag


10 USDT / month


100 USDT one-time*

  • No lag
*Limited offer


16 USDT / month


160 USDT one-time*

  • No lag
  • Indication of take profit
  • Break down by strategy
  • Suggestion of trade allocation
*Limited offer

Automated following (copy-trading)

Automatically follow our trades
via a world-class third-party platform


Cryptocurrency market data

Fuel your own projects with hedge fund quality data

Covering multiple years with a granularity of 1-min, it is clean, regularly updated and designed to be usable right away.

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